University of Sarajevo's Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1944 and has been working continuously since 1946. More than 9000 have graduated at Sarajevo University's Faculty of Medicine since, thus acquiring the professional title "Medical Doctor" (MD). Every year, over 1000 students are enrolled in the Faculty.

The graduates of this Faculty possess an exceptionally high quality of knowledge, skills and competences, which have always been the foundation for the functioning and organization of the healthcare system in this region. With their remarkable achievements, the graduates of this Faculty have also mapped out and maintained the currents of medical science and profession in B&H.

The Faculty of Medicine is a Sarajevo Canton public institution of higher education, engaged in teaching, scientific-research and healthcare activities.

System of education, scientific-research and development work is organized through:

  • undergraduate studies
  • postgraduate studies
  • specialist studies
  • continuing medical education

Within the teaching program, scientific and educational activities, the Faculty organizes and implements:

  • programs leading to a university degree
  • programs leading to a master's and doctorate degree, professional degree - specialist,
  • programs leading to the title doctor of medicine
  • continuous and temporary types of professional trainings
  • research and scientific work aimed to advance and develop scientific disciplines within courses of the undergraduate and postgraduate studies
  • publishing textbooks, monographs and other publications up to date with the goal to advance educational activities

Within the medical and scientific research activities, the Faculty organizes and implements:

  • microbiology and virology diagnostics services,
  • pathology, histopathology, immunohistochemical diagnostics services,
  • neonatal and human genetics diagnostics services,
  • services in the field of forensic medicine and forensic toxicology,
  • services in the field of pharmacol-toxicological analyses, and
  • scientific research laboratory work in the labs and classrooms listed above